HOW TO USE Jawliner

Start the workout

Take your JAWLINER, wash them with warm water and place them on the molar teeth: one on the right and one on the left side.
Make sure to place them between the last 2-3 teeth to make the exercise more efficient.

Chew slowly

Chew slowly to the limit and hold it for 1 second. Repeat this exercise until your jaw muscles get tired.

This should take around 2 minutes.

Chew fast

Chew quickly but in a controlled manner for another two minutes.
This is your first set. Congrats!

Now relax. Repeat this set 5-10 times every other day. 

See the difference

As you look in the mirror you'll see the difference. You'll feel your jaw muscle growing. Continue training and you will develop a strong and masculine jawline, faster than you think!

Train wherever and whenever you want. Just take your JAWLINER case with you.

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