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JAWLINER® 3.0 Advanced + Expert


✔ The original JAWLINER® brand 
Best Power-Solution for professional jaw exercises
✔ Stay safe - tested by physicians
✔ Durable design - high-performance workouts
✔ 12 month warranty

JAWLINER® Advanced + Expert Bundle Pack is the Extreme-Solution for your advanced jaw and facial workout. Train and grow your jaw muscles by simply chewing on it. Train and create a well-defined jawline and give yourself the confident, sexy and attractive look you've always wanted.

The Package for Jaw training pros contains:

Jawline Filler

✔ JAWLINER® 3.0 Advanced

The JAWLINER Advanced is designed as a follow up to the JAWLINER Beginner for the optimum increase in training intensity and is ideal for those already familiar with jawline training.
With a resistance of 154 lbs our JAWLINER Advanced is the ideal jawline trainer for our advanced customers. Increase your training intensity now and become a more confident version of yourself!
Jawline Filler

✔ JAWLINER® 3.0 Expert

Our JAWLINER Expert is the jaw trainer for experts.
With a resistance of 176 lbs is designed exclusively as an intensity enhancer for training after the JAWLINER Advanced and will push your muscles to their absolute limits. We recommend the JAWLINER Expert only to those who have already successfully trained with the Advanced level and need a further increase in intensity. 
If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you!

With the Advanced + Expert Pack we guarantee:

✔ extreme powerful workouts
✔ crazy strong results
✔ savings

Best Jawline Filler

You get:

✔ JAWLINER® 3.0 - Advanced
✔ JAWLINER® 3.0 - Expert
✔ 2x JAWLINER® 3.0 Carry-case to training wherever you want
✔ 2x JAWLINER® 3.0 Childproof bag for safe storage
 Workout instructions for fast, extreme results
✔ 12 month warranty